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Our Markets

We specialize in providing products and services to enhance the lender-customer relationship. Simplicity and "high tech, high touch" are an integral part of our business model.

Our primary markets are: Banks, Credit Unions, Finance Companies, Auto Dealers, and Retailers.

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TEJ Agency values working with high-quality producers in the lender risk management market.

We provide a diverse range of proven products and services to help you attract new customers, strengthen relationships with existing customers, and produce significant new revenues that go straight to your bottom line.

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Why TEJ Agency

We treat each of our client relationships as a true partnership. Over the years, our growth and success has been partially due to our ability to embrace change while remaining true to our core values.

This philosophy allows us to continually improve and adapt in a complex and continuously changing environment. Our clients can count on us to provide them with the right solution for their needs.

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